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The Midi-Pyrenees is one of the sunniest areas in France with an average of 2000 hours sunshine a year. Whether it’s basking under the sun amidst the dramatic southern landscape of the Haute Garonne or a winter, snug by a wood burning stove, the microclimate of the Comminges is tempered by proximity to the Pyrenees, and its midpoint between the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans making all-year round holidays at Barès a must. 

While snow still glistens on the peaks of the Pyrenees, springtime up in the hills surrounding this old farmhouse reveals a landscape bursting with the promise of summer to come as baby sunflowers and corn pop up through freshly ploughed fields. Wisteria, roses, honey suckle and jasmine blossom breathing new life to a countryside bursting with life in average maximum temperatures ranging from 16 to 24 degrees from April to June. As the sun sets, the combined frog and nightingale chorus leaves you in no doubt that spring has sprung!
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Barès’ hilly location provides a welcome gentle breeze in July and August where the average early morning temperatures of 13-15 degrees can quickly rise to afternoon highs of 30 degrees or more. In weather this good we thoroughly recommend an afternoon by the pool and a gentle amble in the 1.4 hectares of landscaped gardens before returning to the peace and tranquillity of your own shaded patio for an early evening apéro. As the air cools let your eyes get accustomed to the planetarium above and watch shooting stars dance across the sky accompanied by the night-time cricket chorus.
In autumn, Indian summers are a regular feature of this microclimate with temperatures rivalling the Mediterranean coastline and Rhone Valley corridor. At this time of the year average maximum temperatures range between 21 and 25 degrees in September and 16-19 degrees in October. But while spring and summer in this region can be mesmerising, it would be a mistake not to visit this part of France in the winter months. With no summer haze, this spectacularly beautiful winter landscape offers stunning views of the Pyrenees. Average day-time temperatures of between 10 and 12 degrees in December are perfect for exploring this relatively undiscovered part of France. And if it is snow you are after then the foothills of the Pyrenees and the ski resorts of Mourtis and Bagnères-de-Luchon are just an hour or so from Barès. And at night-time, you can snuggle up, chuck another log on the stove, peek out and marvel at the miraculous Milky Way.
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